Please note most of these publications were published by our predecessor company CellPoint, LLC.

Cell>Point acquires Oligosaccharide Conjugate License — 6|3|05

HOUSTON, Texas – June 3, 2005 – Cell>Point obtained the worldwide patent and technology license to Oligosaccharide Conjugates for Dual Imaging and Radio/Chemotherapy developed at The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center. This novel technology is facilitating the development of combination modality diagnostic imaging agents and new combination radio/chemotherapeutic agents for use in oncology, cardiology, neuroendocrinology and infectious diseases. The imaging agents will be used in SPECT/CT and PET/CT. These combination agents should shorten the time the patient has to spend in the imaging session. This dual agent technology is also facilitating the development of targeted radio/chemotherapeutic agents. The objective is for the medical oncologist/radiation oncologist to be able to administer targeted radiotherapy and chemotherapy at the same time in a single dose to the patient. Since this technology also uses Cell>Point EC Technology, the combination of the two technologies should make a very versatile imaging/therapy platform.