Please note most of these publications were published by our predecessor company CellPoint, LLC.

Cell>Point, L.L.C. Executes Exclusive Worldwide Patent and Technology License Agreement for ethylenedicysteine — 7|1|01

HOUSTON, Texas – July 2001 – Cell>Point, L.L.C. executed an exclusive worldwide Patent and Technology License Agreement with The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center for ethylenedicysteine (“EC”) drug conjugate technology which functions as a chemical bridge linking diagnostic radio-tracers or therapeutic radionuclides to ligand disease target seekers or novel FDA approved drugs. Technetium-99m-EC-deoxyglucose (“99mTc-EC-DG”) will be the first of many compounds to emerge from the EC technology portfolio. The Phase I clinical trial for 99mTc-EC-DG will be conducted at M.D. Anderson. 99mTc-EC-DG produces a metabolic imaging marker that can diagnose hyper-cellular activity of cancer cells using standard Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT). The use of 99mTc in most of the EC Technology applications will yield certain advantages over other radioisotopes. 99mTc is widely available, very inexpensive compared to most other Radioisotopes and has a six hour half-life. This will make 99mTc-EC-DG ideal for sequential time phased imaging. The company believes that the development of 99mTc-EC-DG will provide certain credibility for the technology platform and help demonstrate the downstream potential for EC technology.