Please note most of these publications were published by our predecessor company CellPoint, LLC.

Cell>Point Receives Approval of its Investigations New Drug Application for 99mTc-EC-Deoxyglucose — 6|1|02

HOUSTON, Texas – June 2002 – Cell>Point L.L.C. (Englewood, CO) received approval of its Investigational New Drug Application for 99mTc-EC-Deoxyglucose (known in the clinical trial as “CP6262”) from the FDA on June 26. The Phase I clinical trial will be conducted at The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. CP6262 is a technetium-99m labeled molecular imaging agent that will be used as a diagnostic tool in oncology to identify active tumors. The agent will image tumors using a SPECT (gamma) camera. The 36 patient clinical trial will evaluate head, neck and lung tumor images using CP6262 as compared to FDG-PET images of the same patients. CP6262 will be the first universal functional imaging agent developed for use with SPECT cameras which substantially outnumber PET cameras worldwide.