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MedAxiom Announces Industry Partnership With Cell>Point

MedAxiom Announces Industry Partnership With Cell>Point with Video

Cell>Point, improving lives through imaging and targeted therapy.

Partner News | Published: Monday, June 1, 2020

MedAxiom, the nation’s leading cardiovascular healthcare membership organization and performance community, is excited to announce its industry partnership with Cell>Point, LLC., a leader in the development and commercialization of molecular imaging and targeted therapeutics.

“Cell>Point continues to improve the science of molecular imaging. Their lead product in clinical development, Oncardia®, is the first functional “hot spot” cardiac ischemia imaging agent (targeting ischemia, not blood flow) developed for both SPECT and PET imaging.” said Joe Sasson Ph.D., EVP of MedAxiom Ventures. “We are excited to welcome them as a MedAxiom Industry Partner and bring their powerful solutions to our membership community.”

Oncardia® should provide clinical, economical and patient convenience, while reducing imaging time and radiation exposure. Upon FDA approval (expected 2021), the clinical benefits will include faster diagnosis (one image at rest), greater sensitivity and specificity including quantification of uptake and ability to detect myocyte repair up to 8 weeks after a cardiac event. The economic benefits include a single test in less than 30 minutes increasing SPECT throughput by as much as 300%. While the patient will benefit from a faster diagnosis, eliminating the need for stress a study and early detection of failed therapy.

According to Dr. Isaac Whitman, Cardiologist at Temple University Hospital “If Oncardia continues to have success in its Phase 2b/3 clinical trial, it will be a huge “ win” for healthcare, clinically and fiscally, enabling us to more accurately and efficiently diagnose cardiac ischemia and more selectively and appropriately take patients for cardiac catheterization – it will reduce unnecessary procedures, mitigate healthcare costs and patient risk, and improve patient care”

The ability to identify the Ischemic zone, edges and remaining viable tissue, wall motion and EF measurements which will provide fewer equivocal results and “false positives” are some of the keys to Oncardia®. This will prevent many unnecessary or inappropriate add-on diagnostic tests and instead provide more accurate methods to detect viable tissue in the presence of AMI. Cell>Point is also working with the FDA on an ischemic index based on imaging the patient at 15- and 45- minutes post injection, which based on the intensity of the ischemic signal could provide guidance on medical intervention.

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Cell>Point, LLC. is a late stage Phase 3 biotech company specializing in the field of theranostic nuclear medicine through chelation technologies focused in cancer, cardiovascular, neuroendocrine, diabetes and ischemia-based diseases. Cell>Point was established in 2001 to develop and commercialize molecular imaging and targeted therapeutics based on 5 platform technologies licensed from The University of Texas MD Cancer Center.

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